Banbury Society of Artists  2020 programme of speakers and demonstrators

6th February      The Versatile World of Powertex Art  A talk and demonstration              Liz Dixon

5th March         Verdaccio and the Portrait: An Ancient Method for a Modern Painting                                             A demonstration                                                                   Michael Hlouse Knagle

2nd April         The Japanese Kurinuki Technique: The Hollowing Out of Clay, and

                                                      Using Glazes Made From Found Clay a demonstration                              Terry Bunce

                              7th May           Going Big and Bold with Wild Birds demonstration in Acrylics                   Tom Shepherd

                              4th June            Felt making Through the Ages, with an Introduction to            

                                                      Nuno Felting Talk & Demonstration                                                        Bev James

                              2nd July          Painting with Chemicals: The Chemigram Process a demonstration              Laura Boffin

                              6th August      Art History:  Art Nouveau—a British Movement with Global   

                                                     Appeal an illustrated talk                                                                        Barry Whitehouse

                             3rd September    Throwing an Altering on the Potter’s Wheels a demonstration                   Helen Woolner

                             1st October         A Passion For Glass     A talk and demonstration                                      Pamela Fyvie

                             5th November    The Importance of Clouds: Demonstration in Oils                                       David Blakemore

                             3rd December + AGM     Watercolour Florals Talk and Demonstration                                 Kay Elliott

                           Annual Member’s Exhibition    15-16th August at Banbury Town Hall